About LT

Lara Teshola

How hard can “hi my name is Omolara…” be? well it took me few months to finally figure out how to introduce myself to you guys. Weird, right? (so much for blogging is easy jor! shebi it’s just to write… 🙂 So, I thought we should kick start this beautiful journey of ours by sharing 20 Random Facts about me!

    >>> I’m Married. (Oops! sorry to burst your bubbles just in case you were catching vision…😂).

>>> I’m obsessed (for a lack of better word) about God… I talk about him a lot and you will pretty get to know why as we progress on this journey.

>>> I’m an 80s chick (let me leave you guessing… 😆) Born on April 8.

>>> A graduate of communication, Alumna of KPMG, London College of Fashion and London College of Makeup with an IMA Certification.

>>> I’m sure from my lingua you can tell am a Proud Nigerian girl.

>>> I have a big sister and couple of step siblings.

>>> I love to travel, but I am not a big fan of flying, packing and unpacking… (what an irony right? 😆).

>>> I love to host people; let’s just say you can’t come to my house and not leave without an extra Kg 😉.

>>> I loveeeeeeee Colors; not sure I have a favorite though! (do you have any?).

>>> I Loveeeeeeee CHILDREN and for some reason, we connect a lot.

>>> I loveeeeeeee taking pictures; guess this is an obvious fact.

>>> Currently running my fashion and beauty outfit “Shapes&Colors”.

>>> I’m a very shy and private person (another Irony right 😆).

>>> Met my dad for the first time in 2008 😳 . Read a little bit here

>>> I am a listener; I do a lot of listening versus talking.

>>> They say if you prefer spicy food, you are a risk taker. I love spicy food, guess that makes me a Risk Taker😆

>>> Have got an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

>>> Worship is my soul food

>>> I cannot swim nor drive 🤦‍

>>> One of the toughest question to ask me is  “What will you eat”

I’m certain you should be able to write a book About me already….😂 Do you think we have anything in common? Would love to read from you, Contact me.