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Dear Daddy, 7 years After…

Dear Daddy, 7 years After…


Dear Daddy, 7 years after it still Hurt!  I miss you dearly. The truth is, I didn’t know I would miss you this much! I didn’t know 7 years after I would still be crying over your demise like I did 7 years ago. you’ve been gone for 7years! And it’s not been the same without you.

I woke up yesterday wishing there was nothing like December 23rd, maybe you would still be here with us. I wished I could turn back the hands of time to get another chance to call you! Another walk, another road trip like we did for Brother Busayo’s Wedding, Another Convocation maybe.

 If I knew my convocation ceremony was all you were waiting for, maybe I would have prayed for it to be delayed! If I knew, I was saying my last goodbye to you the moment you were heading to Lagos after my Convocation ceremony, maybe I would have asked you to stay or better still, followed you to spend your last 7 days on earth taking care of you if you had just told me you were sick.

Dear Daddy, 7 years After


I saw the signs, you were sweating, it didn’t look normal I just assumed it was the heat, we asked you, you said it was nothing and I just let it slide… 7days later, I got that heart-breaking call that you were gone… I asked gone to where? What happened? Before I could get to you, you were already at the Morgue, I didn’t get the opportunity to steal that final look until you were laid to rest 2 months after.

By the way dad, I finished my service year in Zamfara, I decided not to redeploy after you left. I am married now dad to that guy you met just before you passed. I was looking forward to our father-daughter dance I am sure you would have beaten me hands down.  Bros B, now has 2 beautiful girls I know this would have made you very happy.

A whole lot has happened since you left, but wished you were here, to experience everything with us. I miss you dad! I miss the little time we spent together but I am glad God gave me the opportunity to meet you and be a part of your final 2 years on planet earth. Maybe if I had known, the opportunity would be this short, I would have spoken to you every single day. But guess I took that for granted because I thought you would be around for a long time.

Thank you for leaving me with wonderful memories of you! Adieu Papa Bear. Indeed, every day is truly a gift.

Your Daughter,