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Guest Post || Five Life Lessons From The Character Called Simba.

Guest Post || Five Life Lessons From The Character Called Simba.


One of the few things I never got to mention in my 20 Random Facts Post and my About Me page, is the fact that I don’t enjoy watching Cartoons 🙈  (don’t judge me ooo 😀😀) However, Lion King was an exception, it was more than just a cartoon, I personally feel that, it was divinely inspired!  So, when my friend Ayo (though I call him Pastor Ayo) started this series from Lion King, I knew I just had to reach out to him to share some of his insights from this inspiring story of Redemption and Restoration and he obligied. I am sure these Five Life Lessons From The Character Called Simba will bless you! Enjoy

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Over the last few weeks, the images of the 1994 Disney Animated Feature Film, The Lion King, has been flashing through my mind during times of meditation and reflection. What is so fascinating about the Lion King this time? Is it the well-composed songs? Or the funny characters?

In the progression of time, I began to get clarity through answers that were deeper than the surface value of the anime. When Onifaari requested that I contribute a piece to her flourishing blog, the story of Simba became a rope-a-dope for reaching out.

Five Life Lessons From The Character Called Simba

Just a short refresher, the anime focused on the adventures of the cub Simba, the heir of Mufasa, who was at the time the king of Pride Lands. Mufasa’s brother, Scar, had a secret plot to usurp Mufasa’s throne and thus lured Mufasa and Simba into a stampede of Hyenas which led to the death of Mufasa. Simba managed to escape the wicked plot and was on exile in the savannah for a long time where he grew into a lion in the company of two unusual friends, Timon and Pumbaa. Simba re-united with his childhood friend, Nala, who told him about the present state of the Pride Lands and how the kingdom needs him to regain freedom from the tyrannical rule of Scar. Simba then returned as a full grown lion to take back his homeland from Scar with the help of his friends.

Now, to the lessons…

There is a time gap between dreams/ambition and accomplishment.

Accomplishment of ambitions is not automatic in life. Simba had an ambition to be King; but despite the fact that his ambition was deeply rooted in his father’s promise which appeared infallible at that time, he had to go on exile after his father’s death (which was a period of test and maturation for him). This correlates the story of Joseph that we read in the holy book, where he had a dream at about the age of seventeen that his brethren bowed before him, and that dream did not come to fruition until he was about thirty years.

Leadership is a responsibility, not a title or badge of honour.

If young Simba had become king in his youthful exuberant state, he would have messed the kingdom up and destroyed his father’s good works. His exile to the Savanah was a blessing in disguise because by the time he returned, he was not only matured but he was needed to help rescue the kingdom from the ruins that Scar had left it.

Five Life Lessons From The Character Callled Simba

Relationship matters, but keep relationships that matter.

Kudos to TImon (the meerkat) and Pumbaa (the warthog) because they helped Simba when he fainted. However, Simba’s choice of relationship with the people who helped him almost rid him of his identity as a lion and as a king. It took the appearance of Nala (his childhood friend) and Rafiki (the priest of the Pride Lands) for him to regain his identity and sense of purpose again. One rude reality about life is that we cannot always commit ourselves to everyone who shows us niceness – some people should be simply appreciated and let go, while others whose philosophies correspond with our life’s purpose should be courted.

Be courageous, don’t be a coward.

Cowards are never achievers. Even when achievements are conferred on them, it cannot last. The elders from my extraction once said that a coward can never take possession of his rightful inheritance (mi o le wa ku, ko le j’ogun idile baba re). If Simba had waited for Scar to die before going back to the Pride Lands to assume the leadership of the kingdom, he would have waited in vain. He had to go and confront the usurper and wrestle him for what rightly belongs to him. In your own case, you may not be vying for a leadership position, but if you keep finding excuses not to dare the saturated market or high-brow terrains, your tendency of achieving anything substantial is slim. Imagine how many people who jittered away from doing Law or medicine or Engineering (which had always been their dream) because of one fear or another! Imagine how many people who are scared of resigning to pursue their dream because of fear! Imagine how many people who are scared of relocating from their present location because of fear of starting all over again! Imagine how many people who are living in lies and deceit because of the fear of punishment!

It’s in You!

On the journey of rediscovery, Rafiki told Simba that what he needed to be a valorous man like his father was in him (this is the story behind the song “he lives in you”). Dear friend, what you need to excel is in you. You have been created to do good works from the very foundation of the world. All you need do is to reach within you and pull out that strength. This was one of the lessons I learnt from my biological father; he never negotiated success with me. My performance from childhood till now has never depended on whether someone was going to buy me a bicycle or a game or fund my trip out of the country for a vacation. Rather, it was because of a trust that God has deposited in me what I need to excel in life, and I do not need to tie my quest for excellence to some inconsistent external factors. If there is no reward for diligent Staff, will you still strive to be the best in what you do?

If there’s one thing I cannot over emphasis is the fact that in life’s journey, Relationships Matters! it can make or mar you, this is why it’s important to keep the one that matters! I hope you enjoyed this, as much as I did and you are able to pick one ot two things that will help you live more intentionally.

Thank you so much Ayo, for sharing this life lessons with us! God bless you richly dear brother.

so, that’s it for this post guys, you can always connect with Ayo via his Instagram page here.

Till my next post; remeber, it’s in you!

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I repeat, be strong and brave! Don’t be afraid and don’t panic, for I, the LORD your God, am with you in all you do.” Joshua 1:9


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