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My 2017 In Retrospect; I Became A Billionaire!

My 2017 In Retrospect; I Became A Billionaire!


It’s the last day in 2017, I honestly hope I get to finish this post and publish it. Because this has been the norm for me these couple of weeks. I know this post might feel like a cliché because you probably would have read a couple of such post by now, but I felt the need to do this for just one person! So here we go; My 2017 in Retrospect; I became a Billionaire!

Coming into 2017, I didn’t have any goals! I was tired of writing goals that seems like I kept repeating every year. I also, was in a place of surrender to God (that is a story or Book for another day). As I look back today, all I can say is that was the best Decision Ever! I became a Billionaire! not in cash, but in people and experiences.

The year started like every other year, the only difference was that I launched the Blog and had over 900 views that day (mind you, this was my 3rd attempt on blogging, I didn’t even want to go ahead with it story for another day) Immediately I knew okay, it’s going to be a great year, because I did it in obedience. And you are one of the reasons why I can boldly write today, that I became a Billionaire in 2017.

You see when I started to recall how the year went, the Choleric in me almost didn’t want to admit that 2017 was a good year, because, life threw some very hard punches in the last quarter of this year. Also, I felt there was more I could have done or achieved and quite several things I didn’t smash! Like that 30 Billion for the Account goal 😆

However, I decided to take my own advise as shared in this post, to count my blessings, and I realised that 2017 was indeed a good year! I realised that there was no amount of money that could buy Life, nor the precious gift of the Amazing people God brought my way this year effortlessly. Without a doubt I got more than 30 Billion in my account.

Why am I writing this? I am writing to encourage someone today. See beyond the goals you didn’t smash this year, start counting all the things that even if you had all the money in the world you won’t be able to buy, that is the only way you can truly see how Amazing the year was. Don’t let what you didn’t achieve this year, make you feel like a failure. Enter 2018 knowing that it’s another opportunity to smash those goals. And hey, don’t throw in the towel just yet, there’s still few hours before 2018 becomes official, anything can still happen positively in your favour.

So, let me officially welcome you to your best year yet! Happy New Year Fam! Thank you for making 2017 an amazing year for me!

Till my next post; remember it is not over until you say it’s over.

Anyone who is among the living has hope –even a live dog is better off than a dead lion! Ecclesiastes 9:4




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