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My 5 Tourists To Do List In Dubai.

My 5 Tourists To Do List In Dubai.


Yo-Ho-Ho it’s exactly 7 days to Christmas 💃🏻and I am super excited about this year’s Christmas because it’s my first Christmas in Dubai💃🏻 💃🏻💃🏻 I hear it’s nice out here, so I am looking forward to what Dubai as to offer. Last year’s Christmas was amazing, we spent it with family and friends in Nigeria, I had some only in Nigeria moment that I shared it in this post and till date as the highest number of comment on the blog.

I know quite a number of people are coming to Dubai over this period and, so I thought to share my 5 tourists to do list in Dubai. Now, you must know there’s a whole lot to do in Dubai, and five doesn’t cut it. However, for this post I am limiting it to 5.

My 5 tourists to do list In Dubai
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First of on my List of to do is the Desert Safari Tour. For me, this is a must for everyone that comes visiting, (Please note, if you are pregnant avoid going for this tour) I highly recommend it and it’s worth every penny you spend. There are a lot of activities that happen during the tour, my best part however is the 20-30 minutes dune drive and off course the amazing picture-perfect scenery.

How to Book: If you are staying in an hotel, just ask the reception and they can help arrange a tour for you, or you can simply go online and book the tour yourself.


My 5 tourists to do list In Dubai
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The Second thing on my 5 tourist to do list in Dubai, is a visit to Atlantis The Palm, it’s one of the locations used for the Wedding Party 2 where I was part of the makeup team (by the way, the movies is out and breaking box office record 💃🏻💃🏻 you should go see that movie if you are in Naija) There is so much to do at the Atlantis, asides from the fact that it’s the best 5 star hotel in Dubai, you need to experience the best water park, take a swim with the dolphins at the dolphin bay, get up-close and cosy with South African Fur Seal at the Lion Point. See even if it is to just to go there to take pictures 😆😆, whatever you do ensure you add a little Atlantis magic to your trip.

5 tourist to do list
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The number 3 to do on my list is Dubai Parks and Resort, This is where East meets West and a whole world of fun and adventure is created! I shared my experience in this post. if you are coming with your kids, then this is a must visit.

There is something for the entire family, from Lego Land, to Motion Gate to Bollywood Parks and beautiful picture taking spots Dubai Parks and Resort is a must visit.

5 tourist to do list
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The Fourth thing on my 5 tourists to do list in Dubai, is a visit to Dubai Mall. Asides from the fact that Dubai mall is the largest mall in the world by total area, It’s your one stop hub for Adventure, Shopping, and Dinning. There is something for the entire family to explore as well in the Dubai Mall.

From getting up close with more than 300 species of marine animals, including sharks at the Dubai Aquarium and Under Water Zoo to Ice Skating to watching the dancing fountain to taking pictures with the tallest building in the world! The Dubai Mall experience you don’t want to miss.

5 tourist to do list
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My number 5 tourist to do list is take a road trip to Abu Dhabi and visit Ferrari World and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. You are in the UAE anyways, why not take the opportunity to visit the capital of UAE and experience a motorsport themed park at the Ferrari World and get to see the magnificent Grand Mosque with white 82 domes with loads of picture perfect spot.

Find out more about my travel details and Trip to Abu Dhabi Here.

Tips: One of the best ways to see the entire city is going on a sightseeing tour. You can either have a Spectacular Helicopter Tour or the more conventional Bus Tour, the choice is yours 😉 I have also got a few travelling tips to help you reduce your travel expense Here.

I will be doing another post for the adventurous at heart 😆😆 there’s a whole lot to get you excited about coming to Dubai. And that’s one of the many beautiful things about Dubai, there’s something for everybody!

Have you been to Dubai? What’s your favourite spot? Are you visiting for this holiday? Do you find this helpful? please drop a comment and let’s plan to see if you are coming to town 😉.

Till my next post; Compliments of the season 😘

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