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My Valley Shall Be Filled

My Valley Shall Be Filled

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I am sure by now, you all can tell that I can be very emotional and there are few things that gets me really emotional like pictures… 😂😂😂

Now, not just any how pictures, but pictures that remind me of God’s faithfulness. Pictures that help keep me grounded and appreciative in times when I feel nothing seem to be working…

My special egbon was in town and he decided to bless me with a photo-session and by the time we finished rearranging my studio to tell the story he had in mind, and I saw the final output pictures, I was actually moved to tears and I will tell you why!

My Valley Shall Be Filled

You see, most times we are so focused on the things that ain’t working and so take for granted the things that are working. Contrary to popular belief that entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship life is a balling life, It really isn’t! It’s a Lot of WORK! It takes so much from you! And a lot of emotional somersault go into it! (I think I am going to do a blog post that relates to just that; “Things you should consider before quitting your 9-5” )

Like I mentioned in this post, my past weeks have been super busy, because I have been working on restructuring, expanding, diversifying, on some new pieces and a capsule collection for my fashion line Shapes&Colors.

However, what I left out was the part that I was not happy (for lack of a better word) with the pace the business was moving. A quick example is all through last month, the business didn’t make any sale! I said to myself at this stage of my business I shouldn’t be experiencing this kind of a drought. It was quite frustrating and felt a little de-motivated whether or not to go on with all these big plans (restructuring) I had! One of those days I cried, however I said to myself I may neither see the wind nor rain, yet this my valley shall be filled with water, and I and my business will drink to satisfaction!

My Valley Shall Be Filled

The truth is, it can be very difficult to see progress, when we are not seeing either the wind or rain! For me, I think I had so gotten used to my studio, that I had taken it for granted and don’t regard it as a “blessing” anymore. And so, I am grateful that I had this photoshoot, because it was a way of God saying to me, not to get too familiar with the blessings you have, as where you are right now is someone else’s prayer point!

You can read “5 things to always be grateful for”

You see, whilst we were preparing for the photoshoot, my special egbon wanted to showcase my studio, my work process, my clothing line and all… As we put everything together, I began to see all the blessings, I saw the education, skills acquired, talent, equipments etc and deep down I said “Thank You Lord!” And this is exactly what I want you to do today, take stock, count your blessings and you will find all the motivation you need to keep moving. You see, the sad reality is that, there are 250 Million children who are not literate enough to read this, you or your children are not one of them, that is a blessing you have probably taken for granted!

If you need to cry, please do! but be determined that nothing will stop you! No matter how tough the going gets! Keep pushing, (1Kings 18: 42-48) don’t stop until you see not just the rain but the harvest and whilst you are waiting; PREPARE! Let this be your guiding thought; I may not have all I want, but I will always be grateful for all of my met needs.

My Valley Shall Be Filled

I hope this encourages someone today! Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend. 😘😘😘

Till my Next Post, Remember it’s not over until you say so!

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19