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Poison Or Fruit – You Choose!

Poison Or Fruit – You Choose!

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If there is one thing I don’t joke with in this world, it is WORDS! People that are very close to me knows this, you cannot speak negative words around me, even if it’s not about me, I will help you rebuke it right away. The words that proceeds out of your mouth can either be Poison or Fruit and YOU are the only one that gets to choose what it would be. Let me tell you a little story from a personal experience.

 If you take a close look at my legs, you would realize that I have some scars. Those scars was from a bike accident “I permitted” about 10 years ago.

It happened on a Sunday Evening, back in university (OSU) it was a thanksgiving Sunday. I was quite tired and was looking forward to getting back to my hostel to sleep. I waved a bike down, and then one of my very good brother asked that he take the bike instead and I said No! knowing how difficult it usually is to get a bike at that time and couldn’t just play sister Nice! Then he jokingly said, “bike yen a gbe e subu if you don’t let me go with it” (literally, what that meant was you were going to have an accident). I gave those words no thought because I knew he didn’t mean it.

About 150 meters, He was still at that very same spot, and He watched the accident happen. I was on the floor with the bike and bike man in the middle of the road, opposite direction of where we were headed. That was when those words hit me! Tunde said this would happen jokingly and here was I in the middle of the road, reaping the fruits of those words. It could have been worse, but God prevented it. I guess it’s because of a day like so I can share a few of the lessons I learnt that day, with you.

Lesson 1:

Words are not eggs, they are SEEDS! once it’s sown it yields much fruits. What kind of seed are you sowing and allowing others sow into your life? Proverbs 12:6

Lesson 2:

Silence indeed means consent! I had every right to have rebuked that statement, but I didn’t, why should I anyway? I knew he didn’t mean it. But, What I didn’t understand then was, once a word is spoken (negative or positive) it is automatically sown, and if you don’t want to reap the fruit thereof, you need to sow a seed as well, by SPEAKING the kind of fruit you want to see. In my case I was silent and just waved it off, the seed did germinate and the scars still there after 10 years. What words are you allowing to just slide down all in the name of “it’s a Joke or he/she didn’t mean it”?

Lesson 3:

When it comes to WORDS! There is no such thing as a Joke. Stop Joking with your Future! The WORD framed the world! every spoken word is Powerful, hence the need to watch what you say and what you allow to be said concerning your life. What are those things in your life that is looking Void and without Form? Speak the Word and watch it begin to take shape. Hebrew 11:3

P.S: There’s a place of doing after speaking ooo, so don’t say because you speak prosperity you just go to bed and not work ooo, my brother/sister the Hunger! that will fire you will come from, east, west, north and south *in sister Nkechi’s voice*  😆😆

Lesson 4:

Parents, please Shield your Children! from people, Don’t just let people sow negative words into their lives, before it drops rebuke it! Shield your children from yourself! Stop speaking negative words out of frustration or anger, those words germinate and bear much more fruit. Let them know the Power their Words Carry and that any careless word they speak they and every one of us would give an account of it on Judgement day. Matthew 12:36-37

That’s it for this post guys! I hope it inspires you to start speaking intentionally. Have you had any experiences regarding words? please drop a comment below, I would love to read.

Till my Next Post; watch what you say!

Words kill, Words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – You choose! Proverbs 18:21


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