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Travel Diaries – My Travel Details & Tips To Abu Dhabi

Travel Diaries – My Travel Details & Tips To Abu Dhabi


Hey guys, How are you doing? it’s been over a week! Last week started on a low, as I was in the hospital. I feel much better now and if you are following me on instagram (by the way you should @larateshola) you will know the week ended on a high as I got to visit Abu-Dhabi.

I have always wanted to visit Abu Dhabi, and it was on the list of my to visit places this year. So when hubby and I got free tickets to the Golf Championship in Abu Dhabi I was like *Onise Iyanu*

A bit about Abu-Dhabi…


Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates It is an arabic speaking (arabic is their official language) country, although English is widely spoken and most road and shop signs and restaurant menus are in both languages. Abu Dhabi is the seat of the UAE, home to the President of the UAE and houses federal government offices.

Travel Details.

my travel details

Depending on the passport you are carrying, you might not need a Visa to visit Abu Dhabi, (check here for more details) If you are a Nigerian you definitely would be needing a Visa. You can travel by air or road. we got there by road and the journey was about an hour plus from Dubai, although we stopped to fuel and grab breakfast.

my travel details

You would need to change your currency to their local currency (Dirhams) at this point if you haven’t already. Also, you may want to consider getting a local sim if you are not about the “WIFI life” like me… lol



I finally settled for Traders Hotel after a long search… the reviews on Trip Advisor was good and was kind of within my budget, even though I paid an additional fee upon arrival for an upgrade. (I personally think Hotels in Abu Dhabi are a bit Pricey).

 Suggestion: Read 5 tips to reduce your travelling expenses.

The room we booked, came with free Breakfast, Parking, Wifi, Access to the Club Lounge ( which included, free complimentary bites and drinks) There were a lot of plus for the hotel though; the location topping the list as it’s central to everything. The meals were great too, and the surprise though was that the golf players were lodged in the hotel as well so got to see a few of them.

Tips: Be sure you double check the hotel facilities, as not all hotels offers free parking, wifi and some other amenities you might need.

Getting By…

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Even though we drove down, asides from the ferrari world which was our very first stop in Abu Dhabi we got by using Taxis, it’s way easier and not overly expensive (If you convert some of the fees to Naira, because of the exchange rate it might seem pricey). The major means of transportation is Taxis though they have public buses as well.

Tips: The best time to visit the UAE is between September and May ( by September the summer heat becomes less intense, although humidity can still be relatively high)

Are you planning a trip to the UAE? Got more tips? Did you find this post helpful? If you have any question, please fell free to ask.


Still haven’t figured out which days of the week to post, am actually thinking of 2 post per week or Max 3. Any suggestions? please feel feel to comment below. Thank you.

Till my next post, Keep Exploring.

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